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Stephen Collings - “Jacques Brel” (2013)

Oils on Canvas (£120)

Via Scott Walker, Bowie was among many artists in the 60s and 70s who embraced the passionate Belgian. Bowie recorded the standard Amsterdam and famously performed My Death during his Ziggy Stardust-era live shows. 

Stephen Collings - “A Better Future” (2013) - SOLD

"This title of this piece comes from Bowie’s Heathen album (2002) and the image this was based on comes from the same period. Heathen marked the return of Tony Visconti in production duties – his first since 1980s Scary Monsters. As a New Yorker, Heathen reflects on degradation of mankind, and these themes recall earlier dystopian views seen in Five Years and the
Diamond Dogs album. 


Where are we now?

Bowie exhibition, starting on Monday in Bristol. Click here for details. 

The Thin White Duke (2013)  - part of my David Bowie fan art exhibition taking place in Bristol from next Monday (16th September) for a week.

Flyer for my David Bowie exhibition next month in Bristol. Gulp. 

Pretty much complete - an album cover for “Hello Frisco: Ain’t No Devil, Only God When He’s Drunk”; the musical stylings of Ewan Gibson -  my flatmate and best friend from my University days. 

So yeah. I’ve started to sculpt for the first time. It’s a lovely, tactile pleasure but I’m starting to get a whole new appreciation for portraiture working in 3-dimensions. 

David Bowie (1 day in) and Jamie Baker (1 week in). Oil on canvas. 

Charlie Pollock (2013)

Updated Arvo Part

Arvo Pärt(s) 1 and 2. Both started over the weekend. 

'Where are we now?' Bowie portrait update.

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